Monday, July 13, 2009

so you know those times when you meet someone and you immediately feel drawn to them? Well I am the type to follow those types of feelings and I would just like to say that I love when that happens. When you meet a new friend and feel like you have known then for some vast amount of time and you also feel that they have an uncanny understanding of you.
I really like that and am thankful for the times it has happened to me.
Also here is my yummy dinner.
Zucchini, chicken, a turkey burger and salad.
the death of a soccer ball
Margo got it. :)
(This one lasted almost 6 months, so its not bad!)

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  1. Oh that poor soccer ball. Our pup hates when we play anything that involves a ball. Basketball, forget it, that ball doesn't stand a chance!


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