Monday, July 13, 2009


I like contrasts. I like for things to sometimes be slightly out of balance. Just sometimes, and just a little. It keeps things interesting.

I think I am full of these seemingly contradictory things. I think most of us are.

Sometimes it makes it hard for me to feel like I have a solid understanding of who I am, because I think that I should be more consistent, that I should be one or the other - but now I beginning to think that its ok (or even better then ok) to be both. It’s ok to embrace both sides of each story and allow them all to be important parts of me.

CONTRASTS within me or you or both…

Faith / doubt
Contentment / discontent
Missing home / wanting to wander
Hope / hopelessness
Asleep / awake
Soulful / the desire to not care so deeply (if just for a moment…)
Confidence / insecurity
Responsible / wild
Living in the now / focusing on the future
Well behaved / not so much
Bold / shy
Invincible / defeated
Rhythm / random
Craving alone time / needing people
Private / full of wanting to be understood and known

They are all a part of me.
I want to learn to see the value in both. That each has their time and purpose and usefulness.

Its summer time and I think we all need to do something a little WILD…

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