Friday, July 31, 2009

Lets move to a tropical island

There has always been a relatively large chunk of me that wants to up and leave everything that I know, sell everything I own and move to a dessert island somewhere, or Mexico or really anyplace warm with an ocean where I know no one.

I really like the idea of starting over where no one knows you and you can be and do whatever you want.

I realize this probably comes at least partly from an unhealthy impulse to run away and avoid things.
But that doesn’t really make it any less appealing.

Plus who doesn’t want to wake up every day to sunshine and the ocean.

How interesting that the things we learn we tend to have to learn over and over again.
Even the big important things that we cherish and try to remember. I wonder why it is we seem to be so bad at remembering…


  1. i have a somewhat similar moving to an island fantasy - but my island has a little air strip for my friend and family to visit when I'm feeling done with the "deserted" part - and and for the FEDEX plane for on line shopping deliveries - guess that's not what your talking about at all is it!! ;)

  2. Actaully that all sounds perfect too!
    I would for sure want visitors, and high speed internet, and possibly a favorite place to eat or two...
    I may not have thought this completely through :)


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