Friday, June 5, 2009

weekend here I come

Today has been a very busy day so far.
And I think it's only going to continue.

I will be out of town for work Monday – Wednesday of next week,
so anything purchased between now (Friday June 5th) and Wednesday (June 10th)
will be shipped out on Thursday.
Thanks for being so delightfully patient with me. :)

Some happy news related to that is that my business trip happens to be taking me to my hometown of Portland Oregon. So I will happily get to spend a little time in my favorite city and perhaps even take a quick drive out to the coast.

I am also feeling quite good about the fact that I have no solid plans this weekend. We are staying in town and I can do whatever I please – which will include things like laundry and a very thorough vacuuming of the whole place as well as I hope some studio time and making a book or two. I also plan to spend some time outside playing with Margo and reading a good book.

There also may be a Latin dance night involved. :)

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