Thursday, June 4, 2009


A random list of somethings...

1. I love the mornings but often find myself too busy during them to really enjoy it. 2. It is always better to take time for reflection then to not. 3. Drinking something warm in the morning is essential. 4. Sleep is good. 5. What they say about red heads and tempers is true. 6. What they say about us being stubborn is also true. 7. When you are used to feeling inspired and you suddenly don’t its very upsetting.

I feel like it has been a bit of a sad week (or month) for a lot of people and I don’t like it.
Its kind of horrid to see people you care for in pain and not be able to do much about it.
Or to see myself for that matter – and then to not feel strong or brave or whatever enough to fix it.

I am just feeling off today. Out of sorts.
Like I forgot to put the chocolate chips in the cookies.


I am now feeling a bit better.
These moods sometimes hit with force, but thankfully they often move through quickly.

There will always still be obstacles. And that’s ok.
I am going to enjoy where I am right now and not worry too much about the rest.

"Take your pleasure seriously." - Charles Eames


  1. What an exact way of putting it..."Like I forgot to out the chocolate chips in the cookies"

    Cheer up! Open a tub of icing and spread it on top! LOL

  2. thanks ladies :) Its always great to hear from you and know someone is hearing me. i appreciate the support!


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