Thursday, June 25, 2009

summer sale and living simply

Summer is here and its time for a sale!
Here is how it works.
Buy one item and get another item 33% off!

Please send me a convo with the items you want to purchase and I will adjust prices. ALSO you can mix my 2 etsy shops. So you can still take advantage of this sale if you want a book and a piece of jewelry!

Just send me a convo and we will get it all worked out.
The lower priced of your two items will receive the discount.
This sale will be going on now through Sunday June 28th.
Lately I have been feeling the need to live more simply.
I want to get rid of junk that I don’t need or use or want.

(NOTE: sometimes when living with another person something that I see as junk is not something that they see as junk, and vice versa. For example T doesn’t understand why I need quite so many used books, and why I keep buying more every time we pass a good used bookstore or garage sale. He might call some of this junk. But, of course he would be wrong :)

I want to trim the edges.
I want to organize.
I want to simplify.
I will keep you posted on how it goes…


  1. I love your jewelry!! You have a really great shop. Would love to do a feature on your shop sometime!

  2. Thanks so much! I would love to be featured. :)


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