Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 me's

Who I am now vs. who I was vs. who I want to be

Suffice to say that those three people up there do not match. They are not the same. They have some similarities of course, a similar shade of hair, something similar in the way they smile, all of them love dark chocolate, but overall they are very different indeed.And I am just not sure that I am happy about that.
At my uncle’s funeral this week I learned things about him that I hadn’t known. He had been a Zen Buddhist and a yoga instructor for years before he married my aunt. He was in the Peace Corps and traveled all over the world but worked mainly in Africa. He rode from the bottom tip of Africa to Europe on a motorcycle and then toured Europe on a bike (the kind with pedals). He had this whole huge part of his life filled I am sure with countless adventures that I (and his children) didn’t fully know about.
It was wonderful to learn these things about him.
It was wonderful to get a better more full view of who he really was.
And it’s making me think how there are always so many things that we don’t know about people. Even about my own parents. They had whole lives before they got married and before I was born. And I think of all the things that people that I really do feel close to still don’t know about me. Not because I keep it from them but because they just don’t really come up in conversation. Life goes on and I tend to deal more with the here and now then I do with the past. But there are some things about my past that I really really love, and I think it might be good for me to think about them a little more often. Maybe try to bring them back into my hear and now.
So I am going to try to first of all remember some of what I have forgotten, share it with those I hold dear, and perhaps try to mesh the three me’s I mentioned above together into one big and better me that I can be right now.
One of my uncle’s favorite things to say was “life is good.”
And I agree with him.
Life should be good.
If its not then there is something you need to change.


  1. i have thought often about this, about these 3 people and their differences. their overlapping characteristics, their stubborn traits, their disappointments, failures, and triumphs. they are 3 women to behold and each has her secrets and her shouts. thank you for reminding me of their existence.

    life IS good. some days it's harder to say than others. but that doesn't change its truth.

    be well.

  2. First of all, I am send condolences for the passing of your Uncle.

    I understand this feeling well, my Uncle's passed away several years ago. I thought I knew them pretty well, but since their passing I have found out so much more about them. I wish I had known when I was younger, I would have loved to talk to the about some of the things they did and the adventures they had in life.

  3. Thanks so much for your kind comments. And I am always so happy when something I say rings true to you as well as to me.

    I wish you both the best as well, and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and comments.


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