Wednesday, February 18, 2009

feet planted firmly on the ground

There is such a thing as living too much in my own little world.

You know the expression it is what it is? I have been thinking about this expression and wondering what it means. Because something can be many different things to different people. So saying it is what it is, isn’t really saying anything.

AND just because something is one thing to me, and is something else to the other people involved, does not make what it is to me untrue. I think its ok for it to be more then one thing at once.

So even though its fun to live in my own little dream world high up in the sky, its best to keep at least one toe grounded in reality. The idea is to know what something really is, but don’t let that knowledge ruin the whole experience.

In other news:
I made a GIGANTIC silver purchase recently, along with some stones to start playing with and I am SO EXCITED for it to arrive.
I can’t wait to take it all up to my little workshop and organize it all (have I ever told you I LOVE to organize?) and then get started!!
The day I get it all in the mail will be just like Christmas.
So one of these days there will be a large and exciting (for me anyway. ha!) update.

Also I am feeling that I want to take some better photos of some of my jewelry.
AND its time to make a few books and update the shop, along with finishing a few custom orders that are in the works.

I think I am going to have to be very productive this week/weekend.

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  1. Stones are incredibly addictive: your life about to be filled with even more beauty!! :)


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