Thursday, January 22, 2009

the first warm day in a month

What I have been thinking about lately is why people do the things they do.
We have a goal, and we create a plan to get there. And then of course things change and we have to adapt, but theoretically that same main goal is still there.
So I wonder if we get that main goal will all other things suddenly fall into place and make sense and be better?
Not necessarily.
And I know there are a thousand goals, so many options *and that can be one of the hardest parts, is making a decision about what you are going to go for when there are so many good things out there to choose from. But once you have made that decision you have to run for it with everything you can. Run like a fool.
But again it is complicated by the fact that every goal is broken down to many smaller goals. Every thing we want is comprised of other things.

And its easy to see a part of some other person, or a part of their life or a part of who they are and to think that they have what you want. But who really knows. No one really knows what anyone else has or doesn’t have. So just think about what you have, and what you want and need and what you need to do to get it.

And don’t think too much about what you don’t or can’t have. And don’t depend on others for those things. Just wake up every morning and do what you can and try your best so you can feel good about yourself and content when you go to sleep again that night.

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