Monday, December 19, 2011

the weekend and the holiday market

The holiday market went well this weekend and Christmas is starting to feel very close :)

The plan for tonight is to go home, put on a good Christmas movie and start wrapping. I really love that part. And happily this year I was able to do all my shopping without once stepping foot inside a mall.

In other good news, I found out that I do in fact have a job next year, plus a couple weeks off which will give me the perfect opportunity to take a trip to Mt. Shasta to see some good friends, play in the snow and possibly squeeze in a little work for Morgan. That is of course a HUGE relief and a wonderful Christmas gift.


  1. Yay, such good news about your job! And how amazing that you were able to do all your Christmas shopping without going to the mall! Hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family. Sorry I've been such an absent blogger lately x

  2. Suzy, where are you?

  3. Oops sorry I spelled your name wrong!


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