Monday, November 14, 2011

good things about today

Well. My camera, which is sitting right next to me as I type, is full of fun and wonderful photos of my weekend that I was planning to share this morning. Sadly I left my camera cord at home. Which means that instead of weekend photos I am going to tell you some really great things about today (even though it is only 10:33 am).

1. There are about a thousand birds swarming around my office (trailer at the top of a hill in the middle of a vineyard, not necessarily what you think of when you hear "office") right now. There is a bit of blue sky peaking out from behind clouds, and its raining and I am loving looking out the window. 2. I am alternating drinking coffee and caffeinated strawberry crystal light. 3. The bulk of harvest craziness is over. It was fun but I am excited to get things in order and start planning for the future. 4. I am VERY excited to start Christmas shopping and preparations. 5. My fridge is currently full of chantrelles (sp???). 6. Tonight I am going to Target.

How is that for an awesome morning???

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