Monday, October 17, 2011

the clash

I am a girl who likes to clash (in clothes, in home decorating, the list goes on and on). Sometimes it works out and looks adorable, and sometimes not so much. But I like to go ahead with it anyway.

The clash is a new series of books made while thinking about how surprising and fantastic it is when an interesting and unusual combination works. When you find that two seemingly clashing things are somehow actually complementary. When they go together to create something interesting and beautiful that you had never seen before.

Medium address book in teal corduroy, a green and white natural print and an orange and creme filigree pattern.

Large daily agenda in an orange and creme filigree, teal corduroy, and green and white natural print.

These two books would make a great set, or are lovely on their own.

Hope you birds had a fantastic weekend!

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