Friday, September 2, 2011

morning thoughts

Today is one of those days where I have to try hard to see the beauty and blessings and good things that really are all around me. I wish I didn't have these days. I wish I was better at seeing the good and being content.

But since wishing doesn't generally help much with creating actual change I am going to try my best to come up with things to do that may actually help.

~Like getting out my camera and trying to capture the fantastic morning light on my way to work.

~I am going to start writing morning pages. Every day. At least 20 minutes. This will help me feel better and more productive about writing (which I haven't been doing much of at all, and which I have been feeling guilty about not doing) and hopefully get my days off to a better start.

~I am going to recognize and make more use of my awesome friends and family. Reach out to them more. Spend more time with them. And I am starting by getting sushi tonight with my friend Becky.

~When something is wrong I am going to try to self sooth first instead of immediately reaching out and trying to get someone to fix it for me.

~And I am going to make chocolate chip scones.

PS. I am SO looking forward to this long weekend, even though I am not yet sure what I will end up doing with it. Hopefully yours will be full of fun and sunshine and other good things.


  1. beautiful thoughts. wishing you a lovely weekend xxx

  2. sounds like you are taking good care of yourself...sending you armfuls of peace and joy, today.

    Enjoy the sunny weekend, friend. xx

  3. P.S. thanks for the link to 'Kind Over Matter.' TONS of great stuff flowing over there...I think morning pages sounds like a great idea. :)

  4. hope you have a good weekend. any time dedicated to yourself is time well spent!


  5. Thanks ladies :) you guys are the greatest!! I can feel all the good vibes and wishes.


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