Sunday, May 22, 2011

custom album love

In my few years of selling books on etsy, I have realized that there are ebbs and flows to it, just like anything else. Patterns even.

And Spring and Summer is what I have come to call album season.

Partly I think this coincides with wedding season, since many custom albums will be used in relation to a wedding, and I am sure there are other very logical reasons as well. But regardless of the reason I have come to look forward to this time of year for (among other things) the weather, the coming road trips, and the albums.

This lovely is my most recent custom order. I am frankly quite in love with this paper. It makes me feel like I am in a Mexican villa somewhere about to step outside my back door and take a dip in the sapphire blue, ever so warm waters.
And that my friends sounds like a place where I would want to be.

It is a 10x14 album with a landscape layout and archival quality black pages. It features 30 pages, 60 front and back, and is quite lovely.

Feel free to convo if you are interested in any custom work of your own.

I hope the sun is shining and the coffee is flowing wherever you are this Sunday morning.



  1. Love that pattern! It has a certain vintage feel to it!

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