Thursday, May 19, 2011

book love: the fabric stands alone

This lovely lady will be heading to her new home in Chicago as soon as I make my daily trip to the post office. She is a custom small daily agenda and I really really like her.

This book has also happily reminded me of how much I love all books that are covered from head to toe in fabric.

I haven't made one for a while, but while doing this one my love for them has been renewed. I have also gone a little crazy in my search for fabric. Turns out there is some pretty great stuff out there. Below is a little of what I took home with me.

A few of these might find themselves becoming part of something lovely and patchwork, while some you might see cropping up all on their own.

Feel free to convo if you are interested in any custom work.

PS. Its 75 and sunny in the great northwest and it is a GOOD day...


  1. I am loving the colors on the book heading to chicago!

  2. Thanks lady! I kinda fell in love with that fabric too :)


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