Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ive been officially working full time again for two full days now, but it feels like more. And though I certainly feel like the whole thing is going to be great, I have found myself wondering over and over again how in the world anyone manages to work full time, have some sort of social life, have some sort of inner life, possibly exercise or attend a yoga class or two, make a home cooked meal or even think about reading a book.

I know I used to do it. There were even points were it wasn't that difficult. Points where it seemed natural, like there was enough time so I didn't need to worry or stress.

That is the level of balance I want to get back to.
I have not been doing an amazing job so far of taking care of myself. But I know I can do better. I will do better.

The job itself is good. The first few days or weeks of a new thing are always a transition, but I think this one will go fairly smoothly.

I'm looking forward to not having quite such a lengthy commute. Though I did get to see a beautiful sky while driving home tonight.

It was 72 degrees in Portland last Saturday. It was heavenly.

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