Monday, March 14, 2011

a rainy weekend and cycles

I have been seeing lately how much of my life goes in cycles. For example, I love photography. I get tons of happiness and enjoyment out of doing it, but sometimes its like I forget or don't think I have time or for whatever reason I put my camera on a shelf and neglect it for far far too long. Then eventually I see it sitting there and think maybe its time to get it out again. And so I do and then all the joy from it comes rushing back and I wonder what in the world could have kept me away for so long.
I do that with other things too.
Certain people
or feelings
or actions that I know
bring balance.
So this weekend included:
beer battered elk
playing with a 1 year old
driving on a sunny day
my camera
lots of rain
and neglecting lots of cleaning.
But I am not going
to worry about what I didn't do.
Have a good Monday friends :)

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