Monday, March 21, 2011

the beauty of imperfection

I first read about the concept of wabi-sabi in this book . Another blogger recommended it so when I came across it in a used book store one day I was very happy to take it home with me.

I was totally taken with the idea
that beauty can be found in imperfection.
That we should honor the wisdom found in nature.

This morning while reading through some weekend blog posts I had missed I came across this post on Cat's lovely blog.

It was just what I needed
this Monday morning.
To remember that something real is always better then something perfect. That the imperfections in the things we create as well as in us are what make us the unique and beautiful creatures that we all are. So lets not fight it.
PS Sorry for my lack of
photos latley... time to get
out my camera!


  1. the gleam is back in my eyes. love your post.

  2. So glad to hear you are back to your lovely self. :)


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