Friday, February 25, 2011

I got a rock

found here
The last time I was at the coast, which happens to have been new years eve, I gathered lots and lots of lovely Oregon coast stones. The shape and texture of each one is unique and just wonderful. For weeks I just stacked them up around the house and enjoyed having them there.
But then while I was at my sisters house a couple of weeks ago
I decided it was time to get out the paint.

I painted lots of them, but picked just a few to share at first.
I have to say I really enjoyed working with these rocks and am quite happy with how some of them turned out.
Lucy sometimes likes to get involved in photo sessions.
That is, she thinks she wants to until I make her pose with me :)
Have a restful
and happy
weekend all!


  1. those rocks are beautiful! (and kuddos on the peanuts

    and you and Lucy are beautiful as well!


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