Tuesday, February 8, 2011

baking bread and balance

The other day my sister and I decided to bake a little bread.
We used this recipe and just went for it.
And let me tell you it is GOOD.
It had been years since I had made bread so I was a little rusty, but as soon as I got that dough in my hands it all came back to me.
They are a little misshapen maybe,
but that doesn't make them taste any less amazing. :)

Very few things make me feel as pioneer woman like as kneading dough.
Good times.
In other news,
there is snow on the ground.
I'm drinking a mocha and using coffee shop internet.
I've been painting rocks
and watching the first season of Bones.
I'm 50 pages from the end of Outlander.
The skies are blue and the mountains are covered in white.
I have a job interview (for a job in Utah) tomorrow.
I didn't bring anything fancy so this afternoon I need to find something to wear for said interview.
I miss my cat.
Things don't always work out how I want them to and I have been letting go a bit, of expectations (and hopes maybe) and I suppose my attempt at control. Letting go of that does make it easier to be content with life as it is. But it also drives out motivation. And I worry about letting expectations get to low. Balance always seems to be the right answer. I guess I'm working on it.


  1. Good luck on your Interview!

    kathleen xx

  2. Making bread always makes me feel nice and old fashioned too. Good luck for the interview!


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