Tuesday, December 7, 2010

trust and a slightly frantic day of planning

Hello birds!

There are grey skies in Portland today,
but the grey just makes the
green on the ground seem brighter.

Lately I have been focusing quite a bit
of time and energy on job searching.
And it has started to pay off a bit.
I had an interview with
some potential yesterday
and tomorrow I will hop
on a plane and fly to Atlanta
to interview with Delta.
I am not at all sure yet if I really want the job or the lifestyle,
but either way the interview process will be an adventure.
Honestly I have been feeling a little frantic at times.
The holidays bring weird emotions,
job searching is stressful,
being in a state of transition (still...)
and feeling that I cant fully settle in
where I am is stressful.
A random and comforting thought...
In church this week someone mentioned the idea of
going by feel to get to something holy.

This made me think of how essential it is to be able to trust our instincts, so that when we go by feel towards something, we end up where we want to go.

Then I started thinking about how important and awesome it is to really be able to trust yourself. But it also occurred to me that that trust does not and should not come automatically. That trust, like all trust, has to be earned.
Trust of the self has to be built and nourished the same way it has to be built with a best friend. It is our responsibility to have a self that is worthy of that trust.
I have not always made the greatest decisions.
And with good reason
I have not always trusted myself
or the decisions that I was making.

Following the path that seemed right at the time
did not always end up the way I thought it would.

But happily my record is improving and my trust in myself is building.
And being able to trust my instincts has made a pretty amazing difference.

So here's to having a self with some smarts.


  1. "going by feel"

    One of those thoughts that I need to chew on slowly for hours, because I have a feeling the truth is far greater than three words.

    Crossing toes and arms that you receive the offer that you most want and need lady!

  2. Good for you Susie! There are so many interesting things happening in your life right now. I can't wait to see what happens next x

  3. Thanks Keri :) I'm excited to see what happens too!!

  4. good luck on the interviews!!!

    and yep...I totally, totally agree with you. My life coach told me once that to have self love/self respect/confidence, you had to committ acts of self love. So simple but so profound. To have self trust, we must make decisions that are beneficial (holy) for us.

    wonderful post!


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