Thursday, December 2, 2010

thoughts on gift giving

I love Christmas shopping.
I just do.
I love wandering the isles
of random seeming
stores, often second hand,
with a list of names
in search of the perfect gift,
which i may or may not
have an image of in my head.
Its December 2nd and I am pretty much done with my shopping for this year. I have never in my life been done this early before, but I suppose that is what happens when I am unemployed and have time on my hands.

Anyway, the past year or two my entire family and I have all been trying to slowly but surely get rid of some of the junk that we have all somehow accumulated. So the last thing I want to do this holiday season is add to that pile of well intentioned but unused stuff.

So here are some of the jottings from a notebook that I kept in my purse as I wandered the isles or internet pages...

*Cheap is not a reason to buy.
*Don't be a self centered gift giver,
give what the receiver would want or need,
not what you want.
*Find a way to give a unique experience.
*When buying I want to feel good about who I am supporting.
*Quality matters and is worth paying for.
*Consumption for its own sake is not a solution to anything.

Now bring on the joys of wrapping... :)


  1. I like your thoughts on gift giving very much!......and good for you for being done! wow!


  2. Wow! That is really early! Mine's never finished until at least 8pm on Christmas Eve :D

    You're notes are ones that everyone should probably have with them when shopping at this time of year.

  3. I have been trying hard to follow similar rules... shopping has become more a labor of love than a chore to simply be completed.

    Ironically, I am much closer to being finished that I ever have at this date...

  4. Yeah its a bit crazy to be done this early, but now at least I dont have to spend time in crowded stores unless I want to :)

    Plus I think shopping was more fun this year with trying to make better gift choices and not feeling rushed.


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