Monday, December 13, 2010

a step back on a lovely rainy Monday

The last few days I have felt a little blue... its been one of those times when after lots of effort, what I wanted didn't happen, so I figured the best thing to do was to throw more effort at it. Work. Time. Whatever I could. It was a decent distraction, but distraction only lasts so long. And after all that I have to face the fact that effort does not at all guarantee that you road you are on will take you to what you want.

So I am now thinking
that perhaps less effort
is a better answer.
Or at least effort
directed toward
other things.
So on these grey days I am trying to notice the way the dark sky makes colors brighter and to take pleasure in painted toenails and comfy flip flops. When I feel a wave of something negative I pick up a book for distraction. I write a poem. I wrap a present and put it under the tree. I draw or try to think of a pretty phrase to describe the feeling.
I don't try to find someone else to fix it,
because it isn't something that anyone
else will be able to fix.
Who knows if this is
the best method,
but its what I am
trying now.
I also ended up taking a very random
and very rainy trip to the coast
yesterday. I did manage a little walk
in the water even while we were being
pelted with rain. But the ocean is
pretty awesome (and healing)
even in the dark and the rain.
I have also had some fun making some lovely custom orders
which I will show you all tomorrow
when their glue has dried.
I am also quite happy about my new stamps that arrived in
the mail today.
They are all pictures that were
in a 19th century Pictorial
Webster's Dictionary.
I cant wait to use them.
Hope you are doing
something lovely
with your Monday night.


  1. Susie, have you read The Secret? I've just finished it and thought it was great. I'm sure it would help you with what you want in your life. LOVE the stamps too!

  2. I havent read it, but I have heard good things. I will have to give it a try :)

  3. Ahhh ... we all have *those* days and I think it's because we're desperate to feel better thatw e think working harder on something might resolve it.
    But like you said, perhaps those down times is when we most need a wee bit more self love and to let go of the problem and focus on something else for a while.
    I've bee studying an amazing art therapy course this year which has really helped me be more gentle on myself. It seems to be the betetr option.
    Sending much love your way xx

  4. Thanks Chrissy, that does sound like a better solution :)


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