Wednesday, December 15, 2010

seeing past the rain splattered window

1. Looking through a rain spotted window.
2. Searching for the perfect yoga studio.
3. I made three medium albums that will dry overnight
and then be ready to ship off tomorrow.
4. I am researching new cameras.
I adore photography and have only had a little point and shoot for too long.
So I just might get one.
Merry Christmas to me. :)
5. A trip to the post office where happily the line wasn't TOO long.
6. I will soon have dinner with some friends at a rib place
that is apparently owned by Snoop Dog's uncle.
The food sounds quite promising.
7. I was also lucky enough to be the winner of this lovely calendar HERE.
Thanks Cathy!


  1. So did you buy a new camera? Or research what is out there at least? I'd love to hear what you found, I will need a new camera pretty soon myself.

    And how were the ribs?


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