Saturday, December 18, 2010

when in doubt, add more tinsel

I am beginning to realize how close Christmas really is.
Last night I got very bundled up and walked down a street full of lights.
We got to see Santa and men in kilts playing bagpipes.

I woke up this morning, got a mocha and went to Goodwill to find the perfect white elephant gift for a party tonight. I think these wooden reindeer will do the trick. :)
Lucy keeping me company.

This have felt quiet lately. I have been writing more. Going more slowly. Being gentle with things. There is no need to rush or to try to force anything. I am beginning to understand that. To just let go and allow things to unfold, having faith that they will happen as they should.

This season has been peaceful
more then joyful.
But peaceful is good.
Have a lovely


  1. Peaceful sounds divine.

    I am so happy to hear you are taking things slow. Its good to be gentle on ourselves.

  2. Peaceful. Sigh.
    Wishing you all the warmth you can take, Susie. xo

  3. beautiful kitty :) merry christmas.

  4. Thanks friends :) Peaceful is good...
    Merry Christmas to you!


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