Sunday, December 5, 2010

book love and blue skies

lovely blue skies
2 new additions to my
then I learned how to swim series
Made for a day (or a year) when you feel like you can do anything.
these handmade books are covered in turquoise bookcloth
and handmade marbled paper in shades of aqua and creme.
They also features goldfish cut outs taken from a wonderful goldfish print paper.
The fish are happily swimming, confident that they can get where they want to go. The shades of blue and aqua are perfectly complimented by the orange of these happily swimming fish.
small daily agenda
medium lined journal
Sprout address book
This book is made to remind you to GROW. To remind you that you can continue to sprout regardless of where you are.
This hand made hard cover book is covered from head to toe in teal bookcloth and features a sprout stamp in white ink. Being covered completely in book cloth makes this book super durable. The extra durability is great if you are one, like I am, who is sometimes a little rough with things.
This address book is filled with acid free creme paper. It is approx 5” by 7”.
The greatest thing about this address book is that it is big enough to actually write in. It is great for keeping track of those you love and never want to lose.

Books will be listed
this afternoon.

Also I have felt super lucky lately
to be feeling so much etsy love,
so thanks to you all and the etsy powers that be!


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