Wednesday, November 3, 2010

writing goals for this month and beyond

I am currently participating in a free on line e course from Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl
(you should all check it out here, its free and its great…)
and part of what she discusses is the value and necessity of action.

You can’t learn a thing
or succeed a thing
unless you are actually DOING that thing.
Simple, yes, but also oh so true. And true things can be easily forgotten.
So, my writing goals for the month are simple:
1. write every day
This is kind of a 2 parter...
part 1: At least half an hour must be spent actually writing. Any type of writing counts, except journaling because I would do that anyway.
part 2: Another half an hour (at the very least) must be spent working on an existing project. This can be editing or reading over what I have just written, something I have written previously, or researching for another project.
This part is important because so often I write something, something that I like, that though it needs work does seem to have actual potential. And then instead of working on it and polishing it and getting it ready to actually share with the world I just let it get buried under so many other things.
I am not good with the follow through,
and so this part of this goal is all about follow through.
(Lately I have also been realizing how important it is to know my own strengths and weaknesses…
and that is certainly one of my weaknesses)
* Also please note that these times are absolute minimums and I would love and expect to have many days where I spend a whole lot longer then half an hour on these things.
2. project organization

By this I mean that I intend to organize all the unfinished pieces I currently have laying around so that I have some sort of an actual idea what I have, what stage its in, what could be combined with what, and what my priorities are as far as projects are concerned.
This will enable me to follow through and actually finish projects much more easily, since this way I will actually know what projects I have to work on.

So there ya have it.
They are simple,
but I think they will also be a good start
as far as getting me
where I want to go.
Plus I will be spending 10 days this month in SLC Utah helping my big sister move into her first house. So writing on some of those long and busy days might be a bit of a challenge, but I am still confident I can make it work.
Now go have
a lovely
PS. One of my mixed media ACEO's
was featured HERE.
Thanks so much Jane!


  1. You sound very organized. I think setting goals with a time attached is a great idea. You will accomplish a lot.

  2. True enough friend, and I have no doubt that you will find a stride in this that suits you well.


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