Saturday, October 30, 2010

regrowth, death, and a happy halloween

I know that fall is not usually a time to think about growth and regrowth. Traditionally its more a time of death, of one season passing away while the world gets ready to rest and prepare itself for the cold winter ahead.
But lately
the cold and the death and the rest
that seem to blanket the whole world this time of year
all make me think of the growth and the life
that will come from that rest.
This rest and
the death of a few things
is necessary
for the life of all the rest.
I am looking forward to this
mandatory hibernation
that I feel coming on with the cold.
And I am looking forward
to waking up from it.
Hope you all have a
marvelous Halloween


  1. Hibernation sounds heavenly right about now!! happy Halloween weekend to you!

  2. Agreed!
    And happy Halloween to you too! :)


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