Sunday, October 3, 2010

bookbinding love

Have I ever mentioned that I love custom orders?
Well I do. A lot.
custom then I learned how to swim
lined journal - large
Made with shades of blue and creme marbled paper and
goldfish cut outs.
This will be used as a pregnancy journal.
(It is so much fun to sometimes know what my books will be used for :)

Lets get carried away
blank book
Made with a fireworks print Japanese Chiyogami paper
and gold bookcloth.
A couple of years ago I went rafting down a river in West Virginia. Often we were able to jump out of the boat and float or swim through the calm parts of the river and even sometimes ride through a whirlpool or a smallish rapid. I made this book thinking about how much I love the feeling of being pulled through a river by a strong current that seems to know so much better then I do which direction I should go.

tie it back on with a string
daily agenda - large
Made from book cloth and a repurposed bird patch.
For someone who is willing to put a little work into fixing things.


unpave my path
lined journal - large
Made with dark green book cloth and traced bouquet print paper in turquoise with floral outlines printed in harmonious colors on crisp, lightweight banana fiber paper, laced with bits of silken threads.

For someone who would sometimes rather
walk a dirt road then a paved one.


  1. wow i *LOVE* that first one with the goldfish!! This got me thinking I have been needing a new journal...

  2. Thanks so much!! :)

    There is actually a goldfish book with blank pages in the shop as we speak!


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