Saturday, October 23, 2010

book love for a rainy saturday afternoon

I'll be waiting by the back door
daily agenda
This book makes me think about 1. how amazing the time is when you are about to do something you have been looking forward to and 2. how sometimes even when you know you should, you just cant say no.
this handmade hard cover book is covered in a delightful Spirograph Print in white and green. It features a filigree pattern in overlapping layers on handmade cotton rag paper with a great texture. It has a turquoise blue book cloth on its spine.
I love this bright color combo. It makes it very difficult to be in a grey mood.
hold you by the edges
lined journal
a book made in honor of the ones we have to be extra gentle with
This hard backed handmade book is covered with a colorful Oil Marble Multi-Colored paper. This paper is amazing. It has a tanish background with every color in a marble pattern, but the marble is not just painted on, its in the fibers of the paper. The paper also has an awesome texture making it a pleasure to hold and write in.
This book also boasts a delightful bright blue book cloth on its spine.

These will be in
Have a fabulous Saturday night!

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