Sunday, September 26, 2010


The swifts were pretty awesome.
I had a hard time getting a decent photo, but let me just tell you
that there were TONS of birds circling the sky,
and every time they would go by the chimney a few of them would decide
that it was time for them to fly straight down into it.
I really loved how each individual bird seemed to know his place in the whole,
and how that allowed them flow and fly together so seamlessly.
Now, this morning while drinking my peppermint tea
and watching the rain I am struck by two things,
1. an awe of nature
2. the value of intuition.
Have a great


  1. I think it's magical when birds swoop around together like that and I had not idea it had a name - swifts - lovely!

  2. I remember seeing birds like that in Brighton England, they were so graceful and mesmerising all flying together as if dancing.


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