Monday, September 20, 2010


Lately I have been getting the distinct impression
that someone is attempting
to teach me patience.
So far I have not been
a fast learner.
But I am trying.
And I think today was a step
in the right direction.


  1. Held two yellow pages and a hot cup of tea this morning, thinking of you.

  2. welcome to my world, I've two perpetual lessons in my life every day:P

    and I too seem to be a slow learner in that respect.


  3. I think as humans, we're all a little slow to learn patience.
    I'm about to bake a slab of salmon....that has nothing to do with this post except those look like PNW beach stones and we all know that the PNW is part of the salmon nation.

    I raise my fork to you.

  4. Umber: I am so happy those pages reached you, and I hope they find you happy and healing.

    Michaela: Here's to one day getting our lessons through our thick skulls :)

    Plume: Those surely are PNW beach stones, and coincidentally enough I had salmon tonight for dinner too! Hope yours was delish!


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