Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a blur of green

I love a blur of green.

I think lately I have become too afraid of losing control.
though I know that the idea of being in control
is mostly an illusion anyway,
it has still somehow become important to me.
TOO important.
and the time has come to loosen my grip.

Also I find great comfort today
in the idea of possibility
and that in following my intuition
and the direction of my soul
I will find something that
I am supposed to find.


Today was my first weekday off work
since I began working at my current job
and as I drive through Portland on this rainy day
it strikes me that through a rain covered window
on a grey day, Oregon and Ohio
don't look all that awfully different.
Another hopeful thought...

fighting for a thing
is different then
clinging to it.
And I am determined
to learn the difference.


  1. lots of the thoughts in this post resonate with me today. thanks for sharing :)


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