Wednesday, September 15, 2010

all the things I can fit in my hand

Its been a good day.
There has been homemade iced coffee,
buying boots,
the first day of my comeback
to the world of yoga (Yippee!! :),
a cuddly kitty,
reading real actual books
that you can hold in your hand,
a delicious northwest rain,
organizing my life,
coming to the conclusion that its time to get rid
of a few unhealthy people and things
that are currently cluttering up my life,
and I have a splotch of blue paint on my jeans.
A good day indeed.
And I am dreaming of travels
and places like

Found HERE


  1. Yes! Dreaming of travels make the heart skip!
    i would like to read...why can't I find the time to do such a simple thing?! would LOVE to see those boots! Have a great, rainy night. xo

  2. I did have a LOVELY rainy night.
    And oh she... if only I was as good with the follow through as I am with the decision part...

  3. Oh my goodness, that sounds like a spectacular day! I am totally in love with that marvellous house!


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