Thursday, August 19, 2010

transitions and the art of living in the now

I am currently in a state of transition.
I mean really.
jobs, houses, states, marital status etc.
all the big things are changing
all at the same time.
And a very large part of
what that means is that the place I am now
figuratively and in real life,
is not where I will be 6 months from now.
its not permanent.
at all.
So its perfectly natural and easy to spend time thinking about the future and where I want to end up at the end of all this change. That planning and thought is important and necessary. If you don't think about where you want to go you probably wont end up in the place you want to be.
But the other side of that
is still being present and active in
and fully enjoying
your life right here and now.
And sadly
I have to admit that while being in this time of drastic change
I have found more and more often
that too much of my daily life is spent focused on the future.
And it is starting to effect me.

And here's the thing.
we are kind of ALWAYS in a state of transition
to some degree.
So transition cant be a reason
to not fully and thoroughly enjoy where we are.
It just cant.
There are too many amazing things to miss out on.

So as it turns out
once again the answer
to every important question
is balance.
Just like a glass of water
and deep breathing. :)
night friends.

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