Sunday, August 15, 2010

a space of ones own

Saturday morning I woke up with a need
to create a space for myself.
So my Mother and I got up, looked at the paper
and picked some promising garage sales.
I bought a very small wall hutch (in lime green below),
an old student desk (also in the photo below),
an antique end table, a very old bottle of perfume,
and an unopened pack of thank you cards
all for $25. That is why I love garage sales.
Then I went to work.

This weekend I put together a very, very small and simple space for myself.
I will use this space to write, paint, draw and make jewelry
(not involving a torch of course).
I LOVE this space.
I love it because its beautiful.
I love it because of what it means to me
and because of what I will be able to do there.
I love it because its mine.
And somehow just knowing its there
and having the option of using it
if I so desire has been wonderful.
Also the actual act of putting it together, of organizing, of touching each item that I love so dearly from where it had been stored away for so long and then putting it into what will be its new home, was so soothing.
Perhaps it was a reminder that I can still be me,
even in these new circumstances
and in this new place.
Regardless of why
it has been a really
good weekend
full of projects
and productivity.


  1. It is SO important. And the fact that you love it will be manifest in the way the space treats you too. Dream on, sister, dream on!


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