Monday, August 2, 2010

happy birthday to me, for real this time

This weekend held:
a bit of relaxation, a bit of running around, quite a bit of fun, a lively game of charades,
the return of some very old friends, feeling connection, a recommitting to the necessity that is
self care, some deep breathing, a bit of a renewal of faith, or at least the need for faith,
and a visit to my original favorite train bridge.
The bridge that began the love of bridges.
(out reunion was a very happy moment)

A few other thoughts:
1) I can be strong. Very strong in fact.
But that doesn't mean that I always want to be.
Sometimes it is ok to want to be
a little bit taken care of.
2) Healing takes time.
3) Guilt is not a good reason to do something.
4) and I don't think I will ever stop
being surprised by the goodness of some people.
Though I do believe strongly
that people can change,
I also have found some comfort in the fact
that the basic, fundamental YOUness doesn't
seem to change. Whatever it is that made you you when
you were young and untarnished by the world
is still you at any age. Getting wiser and more
experience doesn't make you lose that,
it only makes you a better version of it.
I'm now
and I'm convinced
that its gonna
be awesome. :)


  1. 30 IS awesome! (so is 40 but let's not get ahead of ourselves!) I think you're totally right about our not losing our essential "selfness" I just reconnected with a bunch of friends from HS around our 30th reunion and that is exactly the conclusion we came up with - we're all still US! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Oh no I missed your birthday! So sorry! Your birthday is also a special day for me because it was my 18th anniversary with my beautiful boy. Hope you had a great day x


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