Monday, August 30, 2010

handmade cutout love

then I learned how to swim blank book
Made for a day (or a year) when you feel like you can do anything.
Made from bookcloth, hand marbled paper and goldfish cut outs.
ride the wind photo album
This series was made in honor of living in the present,
Of enjoying where you are and learning to ride the wind that you are given.
Made from bookcloth, and a variety of hand cut birds cut from
hand marbled or lion print blue and white papers.
opposable thumbs should not be wasted blank book
So go use yours to make something beautiful.
Made from bookcloth, wood grain print paper and a bird cut from hand marbled
blue and white paper.
smell the roses album
A book to remind you to stop and smell the roses,
to enjoy where you are right NOW.
Made from bookcloth and flower and vine cut outs.

These babies
will be listed
this evening.
Have a good one!


  1. So lovely! I adore the fact that you make these wonderful books x

  2. Well thanks dearest! I like you too :)


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