Monday, August 23, 2010

art and feeling succesful

Today is another one of those pesky thoughtful days... and what I have been thinking about is this. I am a girl with many interests. A multitude even. Generally I have seen this as a good thing. (it makes me well rounded, interesting, etc etc). While those things may or may not be true, it has recently been occurring to me that it might also be keeping me in some way from ever reaching a certain level of success or accomplishment in any one area.
I have been considering the possibility
that by having so many interests
and modes of expression,
I end up spreading myself to thinly
in all of them.
All I can say is
that I certainly hope not.
Because honestly and truthfully
I think that this is just me.
I like a lot of things.
I don't think I can just STOP.
I have just now begun to consider
the possibility
that perhaps its not my interests
that are screwy, perhaps instead
its my view of
success and accomplishment
as far as art and expression is concerned
that has gotten a bit screwed up.



  1. Ah yes I know this feeling! I think it's so crucial to have your own ideas about success and accomplishment otherwise you end up measuring yourself against other people's idea of success and this often make you feel not good enough. Damn that dreadful feeling! Remember you are fabulous just as you are x

  2. Thank you dearest :)
    youre right, the comparison is just a waste of time and silly.


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