Tuesday, July 13, 2010

* Today I have been super productive.
Sometimes that just makes everything better.
*Yesterday I was feeling a bit off.
So tonight I need to spend some time thinking about WHY.
*After all the chaos of the last week or two the house is now empty.
I am thoroughly enjoying the quiet.
*Every good thing has its drawbacks.
* I have been a bit surprised this week to learn how much other people are effected
by my life and choices. Its like I was so wrapped up in my own trauma
and experience that I didn't see how the whole situation was also
effecting pretty much all the people I am close to in my life.
* I have always known that I needed
to make my life meaningful.
But I am realizing that what constitutes that meaning
may change as time goes by.


  1. I have always needed to make my life meaningful too. You know how they say that artists are more likely to get depression, mental illness etc? I heard an expert say recently that what actually made artists feel that way was not necessarily depression as such but the feeling that their life lacked meaning. If they could find meaning in their life again, the sadness would lift. I thought that was so interesting. I'm always astonished by people who have never worried about meaning at all. I guess it takes all sorts!

  2. That does make sense, and I am CERTIANLY more content with my life when I feel that it means something.


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