Tuesday, July 6, 2010

freedom, the outdoors, and the art of perfect timing

1. Freedom, artistic and otherwise, is important to me.
2. Its time for an adventure. :)
3. Moments of solitude and reflection are healing and precious
and I will not take them for granted.
4. Continuing to feel brave is important to me.
5. I can make a place into HOME by what I put into it. Its not a location.
That makes leaving a place a lot less scary.
I am finding joy in
favorite music,
the outdoors,
and reconnecting.
Today I have been able to look at my life, at what I have and don't have, and see the good and the bad in both. There are things that I have wanted (desperately) and still want, that I don't have (yet). But I can also see the ways I have been incredibly blessed. I can see the ways in which not getting what I wanted (yet) has itself been a blessing.
And I can see that there is heartache and difficulty
sometimes in getting the thing that you longed for
Lucy my tiger-kitty.


  1. This is a creative post. You should get more people to read it with a fireviews.com profile

  2. yes. that's the thing that's so hard to remember. sometimes we get just what we thought we wanted...only to realize it's not what we thought it was (though it still may be what we wanted after all). what a complex thing life is...

  3. Honestly.
    Now we just have to try not to forget those surprising moments of clarity...

  4. Yay for gratitude and feeling blessed! You sound at peace x x

  5. This post is great reminder for me.
    It's easy to forget all the wonderful things that already exist and bless our lives.
    Thanks hon x


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