Saturday, July 3, 2010

conversations with a winged creature

Once again I am going in a new etsy direction.
Below is my first photo collection
which will be available for sale shortly on etsy.
I have REALLY enjoyed exploring new creative outlets
(namely photography and painting)
and I am really enjoying expanding the contents

Conversation with a winged creature
photo series


This collection features three black and white high quality photo prints.
Each photo is 4x6 and has a white boarder.
All were taken by me in either Oregon or Ohio.
Today I am heading
to Saturday's Market,
one of my favorite
things to do in the summer in Portland.
Hope your Saturday is going
to take you somewhere wonderful.


  1. those photographs are a wonderful new directions!

  2. Thanks so much! I really enjoy carrying my camera with me every where I go and snapping away :)

  3. I LOVE these photos!


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