Sunday, July 11, 2010


roots lined journal:
patchwork life edition
A book made for someone who wants to get rid of distractions
and get back to the root of things.
Back to the most fundamental pieces that come together
to make a beautiful life.
This hand made hardcover book is made from thread and
book cloth. It features a hand sketched and sewn tree
that is my own design. The tree is sewn with lime green thread.
a patchwork life lined journal
This book was made in honor of all the pieces that come together to make up a life.
They are different colors and patterns and shapes and sizes
but they all come together
to complement each other
and to create something beautiful.
This hand made hardcover book was
made from canvas fabric that has been sewn together
in an irregular patchwork pattern.
This book features lime green thread with top stitching.

make a wish blank book

A book made in honor of wishes and the act of wishing.
Make a wish and then go make it come true.
This is a hand made hardcover book that was made
with leather that has been hand cut and sewn
together to make a lovely dandelion.
This book features bright blue thread.

will all be in
this evening.
Have a fabulous

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