Wednesday, July 14, 2010

an artist's life vs. the day job

I am now going to talk about the slightly taboo subject of money.
Please turn away if you must.
As I have been working hard at the job search I cant help but think about all those talented and lucky individuals who are able to make their art and etsy their day job.
I have thought long and hard about it.
And frankly, it sounds divine.
But I also know that
its jsut not in the cards
for me right now.
I have never had the etsy sales
to support that lifestyle,
plus I don't have a significant other
to help supplement my meager income.
what I really need right now
is a steady pay check
and a job with benefits
(because for an accident prone girl like me,
health insurance matters).
And that's ok.
While I might covet the life
of a full time artist
I am content with
the portion of it that I currently have.
Because hey,
nights and weekends
is certainly better then nothing. :)


  1. Dearest Susie, I have always had a day job. Always. It's such a shame that they haven't invented the money tree yet isn't it? I seem to remember Julia Cameron saying day jobs were a blessing because they provide a structure to your days, but I have always dreamed of chucking it all in and just staying home and being creative. I do know how you feel x

  2. Thanks for sharing this with me Kerri. I think a day job really may be a blessing, it makes me appreciate the time I get to spend being creative all the more.
    Plus I think my creative impulses make me better at everything else I do, day job included.

    as always, thanks for relating :)
    One day we need to meet for coffee!

  3. You just tell me the time and place!


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