Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a weekend in Salt Lake City and today's comforts

My weekend in Salt Lake was full of
love from my sister,
visiting family,
attempting to relax,
and an effort to regain some
semblance of balance
and sense of self.
I admired the mountains,

made art,

took naps,

loved the grey skies,

held some sweet babies,

and noticed some of the pink guitars of the world.
I am SO
happy to have arrived
and to be out of the car,
but the transition has not been quite
what I expected.
It has been hard.
And I am sure it will continue to be.
So today I am finding comfort in:
a long talk with a great friend
creating order from my chaos
the thought of an upcoming visit to Ohio
real food and
a hard Oregon rain.

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