Thursday, June 10, 2010

out of the car

I am pretty much ecstatic to be done
with the first leg of my trip
and to be out of the car for a good 4 days.
I am also pretty happy and relieved
that we were able to make it
with out incident and all in one piece.
Lucy did good. :)
I am glad she is such an adaptable
and resilient kitty.
I kind of fell in love with the big skies of Nebraska.
Lots of photos to come.
This whole thing still feels more like a vacation then a move. The "leaving a place that I love forever" part is still a bit unreal. But its sinking in more and more each day as I get out my crazy productive mode, and settle into where I am and begin thinking about the new life I want to make.
Its starting to become more real.
I will miss everything I left behind.
The place and the people and the home I made there.
But this change
will bring good.
I think this long weekend
will need to include
lots of journal writing,
eating some really good food,
sister bonding,
and possibly a massage.

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