Sunday, June 20, 2010

my long lost love...

the Oregon coast

Reminders from the ocean:
Its ok to acknowledge fear, just don't let it rule.
I will always prefer old things because they have so much more soul.
Art heals.
I am in love with ocean.
Notice the small things.
Real connections with people don't happen every day. Value the ones I have.
Home is not necessarily a place.
Sitting/reading/writing by the ocean cleanses the soul.
I can do anything.
Everything really is going to be ok.


  1. Susie, I love these pictures! The rocks in the water look like an enormous sea creature! I loved your thoughts too. I think you're on to something. And yes, you CAN do anything x

  2. Thanks Friends! I really had an amazing couple of days there :) There is just nothing like the ocean to sooth what ails you.

  3. i loved my visit to the oregon coast in october....and i love your was great to read tonight!


  4. i love the second photo. i just love seaside photos in general. beautiful.


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