Wednesday, June 23, 2010

lets open some doors

The Plan.
OK. Here we go.
When I am feeling a bit unsure of my direction
(like now for example)
I have decided that there is only one reasonable course of action for me to take.
Open doors.
By which I basically mean doing my part so that fate or God or whatever you want to call it can step in and help point me in the right direction.
(Which in my particular case
means applying for jobs. Lots and lots of jobs.
In a variety of states I think... :)
Then whatever needs to work out, can work out.
I sure wouldn't want to be caught not holding up my end of the deal...
So lets get going!
* Photo courtesy of Anne Brooks
who can be found HERE


  1. way to go girl! keep thinking positive!


  2. I do this too. I call it 'creating a space' as in create room for new things to enter. Such an interesting idea to make room for what's about to be born. Love it.

  3. Kerri we are so coordinated... I love it :)
    And thanks so much for the support knack!

    You guys are the greatest!!


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