Sunday, May 23, 2010

a Sunday morning in the Spring

What to say.
I am leaving
Its after 1 and I have not yet made coffee.
Its a Sunday morning.
I have had quite a bit of luck with craigslist lately.
There is much more that I
need to do.
But I find myself spending more time
then I should
not moving at all.
Or if I do move, its as if
I'm moving in slow motion.
Lately I have spent a lot of time with people
and I have missed being alone.
I think sometime in the past few
dark and rainy days and nights
I said my goodbyes.
I am overcome with details.
maps and budgets
and lists
and boxes
that are not yet packed.
But I think saying goodbye
has been crossed off my
list of things to do.
I wish that what I needed now was action.
But it isn't.
What I need is quiet
and fresh air,
sunshine, a sketchbook
and a trail.
Self reliance.
Perhaps I should put it off
since I know that soon I will have more
time for these things then I know what to do with
but I do not think that they
will be put off for long.

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