Friday, April 30, 2010

Some really fabulous things about today:
1. I get to pick my sister up from the airport TONIGHT!
She is coming to visit and I cannot wait!
2. Her visit will include: horseback riding, lots of really great food, some good sister to sister conversation, showing her around my little town, her and Lucy's first meeting, her and the bungalows first meeting, a walk to my favorite train bridge, a hike or two, sleeping in, painting and all sorts of other wonderful surprises.
3. The ring below arrived in the mail yesterday and I ADORE it.

It was purchased here and right now it is happily perched on my finger.
(photo courtesy of Happygolicky as well.)
4. My Sunflowers are starting to sprout.
I have recently decided that there is something extra wonderful about growing something from a seed.
I like it.
5. The sun is out and its supposed to be 87 degrees today.
And now for some random meanderings:
It has lately occurred to me that communication
is pretty important.
In fact its kind of the key to most good things.
self expression,
feeling a connection to other people or the world around you,
to knowing and being who you are
and feeling safe and content and secure in your soul.
So if you have something that you need to say
say it.
Don't hold back because of fear or insecurity
or any other reason.
Just say it.
Its always better then not saying it.


  1. Sisters are the best! Looks like you're the little sister, same as me. I love growing sunflowers too. I highly recommend standing under them, in them and amongst them once they are bigger than you. It's like being a garden fairy amongst the flowers! Also, I swear I can feel it doing me good! Also, yay for saying something when you need to say it. Totally agree :)

  2. I am the little sister. :)
    My sunflowers are currently about 2 inches tall, so it might take a while to be able to stand under them! But one of these days I will surely take your advice.


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